Hi Deb,

 I have safely arrived in McLeod Ganj and feel peaceful and happy here.

The bus trip was long (13hr) and overnight. Indian buses are not designed for long westerners legs and what little room I had disappeared altogether when my front neighbour reclined for the night. Big crush! Think I’ll opt for the sleeper here on,  but I did sit next to a very interesting Norwegian guy who has been here years studying Buddhism and trekking.  Got heaps of useful info and tips from him.

Have been quite ill with stomach bugs.  Managed to stay ok during travel here but fell in a heap after I settled. Very dizzy and weak. Slept 20 hours yesterday and have improved heaps.  Today the appetite is back with a vengeance and slowly getting my energy back. Will take it easy another day, explore around town and start some day hikes over the next days.

Big mountains to be seen.  Lots of monks and peaceful travellers around town, heaps of courses in
Buddhism,  meditation and natural medicines,  craft shops,  diverse restaurants and cafe’s.
My room is clean and quiet and costs about $4.50 Aus for the night. I think I’ll stay a while.

Thanks for the links.
Love to all of you, Paul