Hi Mum and Dad, I am really well, although a bit tired after returning from a 3 day hike in the mountains. It was an amazing experience, we hiked to 5000 meters and spent both nights at truly beautiful campsights. Our guides took exceptional care of our small group, cooking us a feast for b’fast, lunch and dinner, setting up the campsite and tents and carrying all the heavy stuff. All we had to do was walk and enjoy the scenery and all the wildlife that survive up here. I will give more details in an upcoming journal but I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with my writing so hopefully I can rest for a few days and spend some time at a computer. The internet has been a big problem here, no connection for many days and now its only available for emergency. I could not reply to you before my hike but I have now bribed the guy at my guesthouse to write to you. Hoping full service returns tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know I’m safe and well. Love, Paul