Hi Deb,

I have arrived safely in Delhi.  Flew in late last night to the craziness of Delhi airport, Thai airways use much nicer planes flying on route to Aussie land than to India, but it was only 4 hours and apart from nervous anticipation I did it comfortably. Walking out of customs was just a sea of faces, it was hard to know where to look, but I was looking for a young Indian named Jindu and I found him in no time, holding up his name with a big smile on his face.

Jindu is a close friend of my old work collegue, and he has been a big help to me. 
Driving a beaten up old transit van,  Jindu works as a sort of taxi service for the guesthouses in the
Tibetan refugee commune just outside of Delhi.  He is an old hand at negotiating the crazy traffic here, there appears to be no road laws, cars are all over the road and everybody honking and dipping their lights to say “get outta my way!”

The weather is surprisingly ok.  Bangkok was far more uncomfortable with the stillness and heaviness of the humidity, while last night was warm with a fresh breeze and today like a Melbourne summer day
(only really polluted).

The Tibetan commune is quite small with many cheap and comfortable guesthouses.  I think it may be a well kept secret because its really not far from the city and Delhi is supposed to have shocking budget accomodation. Very few westerners here though and would be a lot tougher without Jindu’s help.

I will stay another night and leave for the Himalayas tommorow,  apparently they have lie down beds on the bus and you roll around when the get to the winding mountain roads. This I’ve got to see.

I’m not sure if Mum and Dad are still staying with you but will send message to them too.
Hope the show was good.

Love to you all,  Paul