A cold mountain lake    Hi Mum and Dad, I have safely made it up to Ladakh after a two day jeep ride (10 hours each day!), over the 2nd highest mountain pass in the world at around 5300 meters.  I had a very cold overnight stay in a tent but when I rugged up it was quite comfortable.  The landscape is amazing – unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  This is a high altitude desert and although the surrounding moutains are bare rock and snow,  they change through a multitude of colours as the sun moves across them during the day.I have met some fellow Aussies along the way and we have organised to take an 8 day trek into the Leh region and surrounding valley,  visiting Buddhist monasteries and crossing some high passes. Our guide is bringing 7 ponies to lug our equipment,  surely more than we need but it sounds as if we will be well looked after with quality tents,  food and sleeping gear.  We leave tomorrow so I will be out of touch until the 23rd.I should have many photos to send when I return.                                                                                                                                   
  I’m having a great time and am with good people.

Love,  Paul                                                                                                      Wild horses on the mountain                                                Paul near waterfall near Ladakh