Travelling on the bus, on top of the bus.

Hi Mum and Dad,

It’s great to hear the drought is over and there is enough water back home now. I am having a similar eperience here – more rain than sunshine! The monsoon has certainly caught up with me here. I was having some good weather, warm with showers for only a few hours of the day, so decided to organise my own trekking in an isolated valley called Parvati.

I left my big pack in storage in Malani and had to take 3 seperate buses to get here, the last hour of travel was a true Indian experience – I had to ride on top of the bus with the other young guys as the inside of the bus was packed full! I arrived yesterday evening at a town called Kasol in good weather, but a thunderstorm was approaching and overnight it began raining heavily and has not stopped. I am staying in a comfortable guesthouse and hope to do some local hiking tomorrow if the weather lets up.

It is a beautiful and narrow green valley surrounded by rugged mountain ranges. I hope to make it over one of the passes to an isolated town called Malana where they worship a strange God and outsiders can visit but are not allowed to touch any building or local person and if you do you must sacrifice a sheep to appease their God! It sounds interesting so my fingers are crossed for clear skies.

I have sorted out some money for the time being and will stretch it as far as I can, but would really appreciate if you could put $100 into my account for emergency. I overspent on some of the courses I was taking (they were worth it!) and had to purchase new hiking boots but can now budget on just daily living expenses.

I have booked a ticket on a jeep ride up to Ladakh for next Friday. It is a mountain desert with no monsoon and many travellers head there this time of year to escape the wet.

Tell Bella she has to sort out that toothless old bag Fatty and give her a big hug for me.

Love to you all,