Hi Mum and Dad

3 June, 2007

Hi Mum and Dad,  Everything is well with me, I’ve made a fast recovery from my stomach bug.
Lots of energy and a huge appetite again.  I think I was just adjusting to the India bugs. Today I went out for a walk after breakfast and just kept going and going. Hiked up to a ridgeline facing a glacier and the first line of the Himalayan range.

So close to the Himalayas
I’m staying at just under 2000 meters and hiked to maybe 2600 meters today. 
The scenery is amazing, much like what I remember from Switzerland.
Meeting many of the characters along the way was a highlight,  other travellers and the local mountain nomads with tea stalls along the trail and herders with goats,  yaks and donkeys all sharing the path. Whilst wildlife spotting I saw some huge mountain eagles and a mongoose.

I enjoy the serenity of the mountains and will spend quite some time here.

Many other travellers have given me ideas from their experiences and will follow their path. Everythings so cheap here,  my room is clean and comfortabe and costs about $4.50 Aus for the night and food is about $2 for a big meal. 
I am looking into some courses here in natural medicine and buddhist meditation.

I heard about Uncle J from Deb, very sad.

I also hear there has been good rain, I’m hoping it will be all green again when I come home.

Let me know if any mail,  bills,  etc. has arrived.

How is my daugther?  Is she becoming more friendly?  Tell her I miss her.

Love to you,