Wildlife in the tropical Thai forest

Hello Sis,  Happy Birthday for the other day.

I was thinking about you but have had no internet access or phone reception where I’ve been staying. 

Hoping you all weren’t to worried about me!  Last Friday, on a whim I decided to leave the beach behind me and head inland to the Khao Sok National park. This place is amazing, all mountainous jungle, a huge lake (Hydroelectric like Dartmouth only bigger), rivers, waterfalls and wildlife.
From the time I arrived my itinerary has been so busy, heaps of trekking, campfires, night safaris, canoing and tubing down the river.  I have been staying in a small bungalow resort run by the most hospitable Thai family you could ever meet.
They treat myself and other guests like family, they’ve lived and worked as guides in the area for their whole lives and love to show you around and share their knowledge.
I’ve had my best time in Thailand here , have made good friend with the other guests and just had a quality stay.I am about to leave the area now, on my way to Bangkok where it will be much easier to get in touch with everyone.I’ll write more soon.