Hi Deb,

Sorry to hear you are all sick.  Keep on the Gan Mao Ling for a few days, $2.20 is a good price!  I’ve been a bit sick myself,  ever since Bangkok my digestion no good.  On my herbs now and improving.  Just adjusting to the unhygeinic stuff  I think.  Also don’t think my body likes all the pollution in the air,  my eyes are constantly red and inflamed.

So far India appears very dry, dusty and people and rubbish everywhere.  I’m on the outskirts of Delhi but have been through the main bit on my way from the airport and it was an eyeopener.  Driving past India Gate was the highlight.  Many families spend their Saturday night gathering in the parks surrounding the monument and it appeared to be a carnival-like atmosphere.

The traffic really is chaotic though and I saw a couple of bingles and even a punch-up in the middle of the road!

The Tibetan commune where I’m staying is fascinating. The money changer looks like a triads gangster, none of the guesthouses or restaurants have signs (just pick a door and whaltz on in to see whats behind it),  everyone goes quiet and stares at me when I do enter a restaurant (like a cowboy in a wild west saloon!) and I only have to deal with one really persistant begger (and damn she’s persistant!)

I have an old tv in my room and its really interesting to channel surf.  Mostly musical Hindi films which are fun for all of about 5 min but then there are some gems to watch as well. I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched Indian Idol, must be worldwide phenomenon.

I leave this evening on the overnight bus to Dharamsala, at the base of the Himalaya’s.  Should be much cleaner and accomodating to travellers there.  Lots of courses to take also, I’m looking forward
to some structure and learning.  May even get to see the Dalai Lama teaching before he leaves to tour Australia.

I’ll contact you when I get there.