Hi Deb,
I think I’ve made a full recovery from this round of stomach bugs.
My tongue is looking quite healthy again.  Had a big breakfast this morning and thought I’d hike over to the next village 2km away.
Got there and just kept going, 16km later and with the most stunning mountain vistas in my memory (and camera) I found my way home again.
Such an excellent day, full of energy and meeting all sorts of characters along the way.
I’m getting heaps of ideas for my journey from other travellers and their experiences.
So much to do, I’m having fun now.
Sad to hear about Uncle J,  I only hope the time he has left will be peaceful.

Believe me, I’m being careful with the water here.  Those purifying tablets I bought was an excellent investment. There is bottled water here but no recycling and so many empty bottles from travellers. 
A big environmental issue here, so people either boil or purify and keep same bottle to help.

Thankfully, my bus had no movies. I’m sure I’ll face this sometime in my future though.  Got my earplugs ready.

Love to you all. Paul